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Chess Lines game is placed
on one of the most prestigious software catalogues — Tucows .
Thus to it the rating of 4 cows (the greatest possible rating — 5 cows) is given.
Version 1.6 of game Chess Lines is issued.
The main innovation — game became completely free-of-charge,
without dependence from the interface of the program
(before free-of-charge there was only a Russian-speaking program).
To download the program it is possible here.
Go on our new page, and you can play in Chess Lines on-line.
Not looking that in network variant of the game
is realized only arcade game mode,
we hope, that the game is pleasant to you,
and your solution will download complete variant of the game more considered.

The new version of Chess Lines 1.5 program
(and simultaneously its Russian-speaking variant 1.5ru)
is released. A main innovation — in the game
the attack mode has appeared. I.e. now you may
not only move any piece but also "cut" figures of opposite color.
The truth, the computer too at any moment
may take away a chessman moved by you if you will endanger it.
The innovation cardinally changes character of the game -
the game becomes difficultly predicted, rich unexpected turns,
tactics of the game essentially varies.

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